Monday, February 20, 2012

Job Front: Openings for Editors, Feb.20

As the media landscape continues to shift, all kinds of new jobs are opening up. But there's still some old-fashioned newspaper copy editing jobs around, including some at Newsday and  The New York Post

Currently, the New York Post is seeking a talented Copy Editor with significant experience editing stories, writing headlines under deadline pressure.  

  • Edit copy on diverse topics from news to features, major world events and business. 
  • Scour text and write clever captions while banging out dazzling headlines.
  • Proofread and edit completed pages and graphics; spot factual and other errors in copy. 
I'm resisting all kinds of jokes about headless jobs because, well, that would be stupid, especially n a copy-editing job.

The Post also lists this job:
Currently, the New York Post is seeking a talented News Editor who is able to thrive in a fast paced environment and competitive market.

  • Finalize page layout and design in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment.
  • Collaborate with photo editors and artists ensuring product content.
  • Successfully partner with strong, experienced team to create news pages and information graphics with short turnaround time.
Newsday lists the following:

Copy Editors
Candidates must have excellent news judgment and will be responsible for editing print and online stories for spelling, grammar, readability and Newsday style. They're expected to raise substantive questions about focus, structure, organization, tone, and legal and ethical issues. They must write accurate, engaging headlines for print and online. And they must be comfortable proofreading and editing completed pages, graphics and online projects.  A minimum of three years copy editing experience is required.
And is looking for a Deputy Editor to help set the day-to-day editorial direction and oversee the planning of news, database, mobile and social media projects at one of the nation's leading newspaper websites, located in the New York metropolitan area.

This is a position that requires significant newsroom management experience, preferably in a major news market.

I'm planning some stories about new jobs and editing careers. If you want to add something, please let me know. And for low-key editors, someone's finally saying what we already knew: Flexibility means more than passion.

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Anonymous said...

Neither of these papers are to be trusted. The Post is getting by on charitable donations from the Murdochs. Newsday is really Cablevision nowadays and can't be bothered to respond to job queries.

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