Friday, March 31, 2006

Stop Helping the Poisonous Ones

To all journalists:

Isn't it time for journalists to stop showing up on the hideous Imus Show and other forums that spew hate? Yesterday, Bernard hit an all-time low with his comments about Jill Carroll (although suggesting Kucinich have his head chopped off was pretty damned bad.)

Suggesting within hours of Jill Carroll's release that she somehow was to blame, that she has the potential to become a suicide bomber, is disgusting, shameful, poisonous material that journalists should be outraged by. And all of us should speak up.

What will it take for us to stand up against this spewing of hate? And, no surprise, we're seeing a big change in the story today, aren't we? The young woman was clearly afraid for her life when she simply said that her captors had treated her well.

That triggered Bernard and those idiots at Little Green Footballs to go after her. And too many who continue to show up and participate in shows like Imus, apparently, think it's okay. Where is everyone's courage? Or principles? Where is the line that our colleagues will not cross?


Little Green Footballs

And, a great response from the folks at First

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