Friday, April 28, 2006

But He Wrote It First

Who knew there could be so many words for rear end?
As Peter Carlson notes there seems to be an endless supply of synonyms for buttocks, enough to lead Oxygen to devote a special section to the topic. Among Carlson's findings:
The cover alone is a cornucopia of butt-centric linguistics: "Build your Best Butt Ever!" and "10 Surefire Moves to Sculpt Your Rear End" and "3 Ways to Boost Your Bottom Line" and "Get Your Own Dimple-free Derriere" and "advice for rock-hard buns!" and the cheery "Look Great From Behind!"

After a cover like that, you figure the folks at Oxygen have run out of steam. Wrong! They're just warming up.

Inside, the publisher's column is titled "Let's get cheeky!" and the editor's column is called "Perfecting your rear view." After that come articles titled "The Bottom Line," "Why Hot Buns Make Life Better" and "Refine Your Rear" as well as "Walk Your Way to a Tighter Butt," which was written by Tosca Reno, author of "The Butt Book."

If you follow the instructions in these articles, you, too, can have a "toned tush" as well as a "noteworthy booty" and a "to-die-for derriere" plus a "bulletproof back end."

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