Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Immigrant Rites

Coverage of the huge immigration demonstrations in the last few weeks seems to be undergoing a language shift, one that may or may not reflect a change in the demonstrations themselves. Originally described as protests against crackdowns on illegal demonstrations, more recent stories have shifted in tone. It's worth considering whether reporters are being influenced by the outpouring and, in many cases, truly touching stories told by immigrants, or whether the demonstrations are shifting focus. I don't know.

Newsday, April 11... Tens of thousands of people converged on the streets near New York City Hall yesterday in support of immigration reform, chanting and waving flags...

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April 11...Nearly 2 million people, including at least 40,000 in Atlanta, marched in protests Monday in the biggest coordinated demonstration on immigration this country has ever seen.

The New York Times, April 11... Waving American flags and blue banners that read ''We Are America,'' throngs of cheering, chanting immigrants and their supporters converged on the nation's capital and in scores of other cities on Monday calling on Congress to offer legal status and citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants.

Earlier stories described the demonstrations as protests against congressional legislation.

Los Angeles Times, March 31 ...who organized last Saturday's massive protest against proposed immigration legislation...

Houston Chronicle, April 2...High school students who took to the streets of Houston last week in an unprecedented protest against efforts to clamp down on illegal immigration....

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