Tuesday, May 2, 2006

When Good Ideas Go Bad

News about the Los Angeles Times goes 'round the world.

Baltimore Sun Mr. Potato Head?

Hopeless black holes and automatic linking at
The New York Times
as noted by Language Log

I sympathize with Kenneth Chang. According to his 5/2/2006 NYT story "Black Holes Collide, and Gravity Quivers":

Einstein's theory of general relativity changed the idea of gravity from a simple force dragging apples from a tree to a puzzle of geometry. Imagine a rubber sheet pulled taut horizontally and then tossing a bowling ball and a tennis ball onto it. The heavier bowling ball sinks deeper, and the tennis ball will move toward the bowling ball not because of a direct attraction between the two, but because the tennis ball rolls into the depression around the bowling ball.

If you follow the hyperlink that the Times helpfully provide for the word depression, you'll learn that

Depression, a mental illness, is marked by feelings of extreme sadness, hopelessness, and inadequacy. Individuals often experience disturbed sleep and weight change. Most people who commit suicide suffer from depression.

NOTE: The Times has since seen fit to eliminate the link for "depression."

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