Thursday, June 22, 2006

Oops Times Three

Favorite recent corrections, from Regret the Error

From The New York Times:

He haunts them still
The public editor's June 18 column incorrectly indicated that Jayson Blair, the former Times reporter who brought scandal to the paper in 2003, didn't receive performance evaluations during his time on the metro desk during 2001-2. Mr. Blair was evaluated and an evaluation was specifically provided to the sports editor when the reporter was moved to the sports department. But no evaluations of Mr. Blair's work on the metro desk, then one of the few departments doing regular formal performance assessments, were reviewed by the editors involved when the reporter subsequently was deployed to the national desk.
Miami Herald
Mark Cuban recently wrote on his blog that, contrary to what was reported in a Miami Herald column, he did not say that the NBA was rigged, nor did he swear at league commissioner David Stern. Yesterday the Herald published a correction that admitted the comments attributed to Cuban came from a secondary source and "may not have been accurate." Makes you wonder what the paper's source is saying now, and why the paper didn't fully correct the report or choose to stand behind it. The result is a rather unconvincing correction. The correction:

A comment by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban that appeared in Greg Cote's column Tuesday on Page 7NB was obtained from a secondhand source and could not be verified and may not have been accurate. Cuban was quoted as yelling a profanity and saying the league was rigged to NBA Commissioner David Stern and league officials at the end of Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night in Miami. Cuban on Tuesday said on his Web log he did not say anything to Stern after Game 5. Cuban also said on his blog that any inference that NBA games are rigged is "nonsense.'' Link

Ottawa Citizen (Natural) death to the traitor!
An editorial yesterday misstated the fate of legendary traitor Benedict Arnold. He was not hanged, but died of natural causes in Britain in 1801

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