Sunday, July 16, 2006

Blogger Q&A No.4: Joe Marren

Continuing the blogger question-and-answer series. Today's interview is with Joe Marren, assistant professor at Buffalo State College and an ACES contributor. His blog.

When did you start blogging?
several years ago, though i rarely post anything lately

What's your purpose or motivation to blogging? What do you hope to accomplish?
it's a way of talking to my students; it's primarily about journalism topics

Where do you get your topics?
from list-servs

What has provoked the most response from readers?
topics on role of editors

Do you know who your readers are and if so, do you have much interaction with them? Anything interesting to say about them?
mostly j-students and some interested bloggers

If you know, are your readers language or journalism experts or just regular folks?
mostly j-students

Do you try to post on a regular schedule or as topics arise?
unfortunately, no

Do you think we should think about linking in some fashion to deliver language or other advice by e-mail or share content more regularly? (This is completely off the top of my head and did not inspire this Q&A.)
yes. the idea is that blogs are conversations with readers. links add depth without writing a word

How much time do you spend each week on your blog?
unfortunately, not much. i'm an ivory tower blogger (LOL)

What are your favorite language web sites or blogs?
i sample a lot. probably yours soon as i look at it

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