Sunday, December 31, 2006

Block Those Words

Lake Superior State University has issued its annual Banished Words List.

And one of the suggestions comes from Joe Grimm, who thinks it's time to retire "truthiness."

Related just barely because it's a language issue is this:

A few days ago, while we were driving to the bank, my 13-year-old asked if we were going to the branch with "the live ATM." Confused, I asked for an explanation. It was pretty simple: she wanted to know if we were going to the only Bank of America branch in the area with a real teller at the window instead of just the machine. Does this constitute a retronym in the making?

And, as more evidence we need a little vocabulary work in our house, while I was joking (we're still at the joking stage but that could change) with her about doing more homework and spending less time chitchatting with her friends online, her answer was that she needed to talk more with her friends, more time to gossip and announced in a voice meant to put me in my place, "It's called SOCIALISM."

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Mark Murphy said...

"Instant messagers of the world, unite!"

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