Friday, April 6, 2007

About Those Headlines

My long-time reader knows that I have been complaining about Yahoo headlines for some time. They're grammatically wrong, they turn nouns into verbs in ways I never thought possible; they seize on lesser elements at the expense of the important ones, etc. They sometimes sound as if they're written by robots.

Which brings me to this: Will the McClatchy people have some control over the headlines when they start working with Yahoo? Otherwise some of that fine, fine reporting will wind up with absurd and misleading headlines.

McClatchy's Deal With Yahoo Opens Doors

By SETH SUTEL Friday, April 06, 2007
NEW YORK - Many newspaper publishers still consider major Internet companies to be a threat, but a deal announced last week to bring foreign news and commentary to Yahoo Inc. from correspondents at McClatchy Co. newspapers could open the way to even more cooperation between print and online media.
Yahoo, a major online destination for news, regularly displays foreign news from a number of outlets including Reuters Group PLC, The Associated Press and Agence-France Presse, as well as National Public Radio and the Christian Science Monitor newspaper. Yahoo also has links to stories in other outlets and lets readers pull in news from outside sites that use an online syndication tool called RSS feeds.

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