Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ACES Winner

OK, this is a little awkward but I'll raise it anyway. ACES has awarded Tim Lynch, one of my far-away LA Times colleagues, the Robinson Prize, the incredibly important, oh my God, stop the presses award. No. Wait. Just laying it on thick. (See? Told you it was strange.) Tim's a good man; glad to see he won it. I've inquired about my cut of the prize, but he has, alas, remained silent. :)

He's the second recipient. The first award, last year, went to Paul Soucy of USA Today. As with the Mimi Award, mentioned below, it's great to see editors who slave away in the background get some recognition.

If you're in the editing business but don't know about ACES, check it out. It's a professional journalism organization run for and by copy editors. It's well worth your time to get involved. Parental obligations have made it very difficult to participate in the organization's activities but the national conferences and regional meetings are steaming along.

Believe me, if you're sitting at the East Herald Tribune News Enquirer and feeling overwhelmed or ignored, hie thee to ACES and find kindred souls.

Speaking of ACES, Doug Fisher has issued a challenge to copy desks to create a blog.

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