Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Person of Interest

I see "Person of Interest" is back in the headlines. Will someone in newspapers or TV please tell me what they understand this term to mean, how the cops define this term, and why Americans are suddenly using it?

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James said...

Imagine this scene: Girl and a dorm supervisor shot at dorm. Campus police pick up boyfriend because Nancy Grace says it's always the boyfriend who did it and the long-time boyfriend happens to be Asian and who can believe the "some crazy Asian who didn't really know her might have killed her theory?"

CASE CLOSED so don't bother looking for anyone else or warning anyone....We've got a "person of interest" in custody. The 30 killings two and a half hours later and the forensic evidence that the same gun was used can't exonerate the person of interest in custody because we know the boyfriend ALWAYS did it and those other killings might just be coincidence.

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