Monday, April 23, 2007

A Worthy Prize

The winner of the first Mimi Award has been named. Those of you who were around in the early days of ACES may recall Mimi Burkhardt's many contributions to the group. She died unexpectedly in 2004; some of her work remains on the ACES site. Glad to see an editor who cared so much about journalism receive some recognition.

This is behind the Providence Journal's firewall but here are a couple of grafs from the award story:

PROVIDENCE — When Christian Science Monitor reporter Jill Carroll was kidnapped in Iraq by Sunni Muslim insurgents, David Clark Scott worked tirelessly with other journalists to secure her freedom.

Last night, Scott, the Monitor’s international editor, stepped out from behind the scenes to receive the first-ever Mimi Award, a prize that recognizes outstanding work by a news editor.

Oh, my, there's another,unrelated Mimi Award here.

UPDATE: Someone noticed I'd misspelled Mimi's name (with 2 D's); thanks for the fix.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Surely it was unintentional, but you have misspelled Mimi's last name. Just one 'D.'

Great to see the award get noticed here.

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