Sunday, June 3, 2007

McClatchy Blog

I stumbled* across this McClatchy site the other day. It's a terrific site lacking only an audience, it appears. If I'm reading the credits correctly, the blog boss seems to be Howard Weaver, the company's vice president for news. (It's a news company! What are the other VPs for? :) . )

Lots of good links, observations on media issues, including a Page One study, ombudsmen and blogs and much more. Put it on your blogroll.

*Found it by complete accident. TCM was showing the last of "Alfred the Great" the other day when I heard what sounded like Patrick Stewart's voice (it wasn't) and decided to look up the cast at The cast mentioned Julian Glover playing "Shrdlu" and since I occasionally use variations of "Etaoin Shrdlu" online, I Googled the words, and, ta da, found the McClatchy blog.

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