Saturday, June 9, 2007

When Boring Isn't Bad

Especially when boring and wordy language makes things more accurate, as the LA Observer notes:

In rewriting an L.A. Times investigation about Beverly Hills detox doctor David Kipper, the New York Post dropped the careful wording used by the LAT and said flat-out (and inaccurately) that "the state medical board revoked Kipper's license, accusing him of gross negligence..." (The Times had reported, accurately, that the board had "moved to revoke Kipper's license.") Crucial distinction. After Kipper sued, the Post reporter testified that his newspaper's practice was to change the lede "to make it more Post-like...less boring than the Los Angeles Times." Gong! The New York judge ruled for Kipper.

Times editor Jim O'Shea sent out a staff note today, gloating a bit and passing along the comments of the Times' lawyer.

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