Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Affect of a Grammar Trend

This could be a serious trend or just another way of saying "gotcha" to people, but The New York Times finds interest in better grammar, cropping up in 20-somethings. Read past the reference to the elderly friend in the lede to find the age stuff.

The Age of Dissonance
Not long ago, an elderly friend and grammar stickler stopped me midsentence. I had just said, “They gave it to him and I,” when it should have been “him and me.”

“You have to keep in mind the object of the preposition,” she gently told me.

I felt ashamed, but also grateful to be corrected.

“And now you won’t embarrass yourself in front of someone else,” she said.

She isn’t the only one wagging a finger or a pencil these days. Bring up the topic of grammar at any party and you’re likely to be hit with a tirade.

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