Thursday, October 4, 2007

Confiscating Tape in Iraq

Josh Marshall and friends are all over this story.

Yesterday we noted the AP story that said that US military personnel had confiscated videotape that an AP reporter had taken at the scene of the bombing in which the Polish Ambassador was injured. Allegedly they were enforcing an Iraqi law banning coverage of the aftermath of such events.
That seemed pretty odd. How does the US military get involved enforcing an Iraqi law banning press coverage?
TPMmuckraker's Spencer Ackerman got on the case. And after first being told by US military representatives that they didn't know anything about such a confiscation, he eventually learned that not only had the videotape been confiscated but that the reporter had also been temporarily taken into custody. There's still no explanation of why US forces are enforcing this law. And they still appear to be refusing to give the tape back. Here's our report. And we're continuing to look for more answers.

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