Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Santa Barbara News Site

ACES member Bill Macfadyen is the founder, publisher and CEO of the just-launched Noozhawk.com, a Santa Barbara news site.
Here's what he promises:

We’ve adopted as our platform one written by the late T.M. Storke, the legendary Santa Barbaran and Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper publisher. It contains seven core principles that we enthusiastically support:

1. Keep the news clean and fair.

2. Play no favorites, and never mix business and editorial policy.

3. Do not let the news columns reflect editorial comment.

4. Publish the news that is public property without fear or favor of friend or foe.

5. Accept no charity and ask no favors.

6. Give “value received” for every dollar taken in.

7. Make the publication profitable if possible, but above profit keep it clean, fearless and fair.

Good luck, Bill!

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