Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dobbs and the Race (Not Race)

If the stories floating around the Web tonight are true, that Lou Dobbs is seriously thinking about jumping into the presidential race, should CNN allow him to continue his program where, every night, he hammers politicians he disagrees with? For hours?

I realize there's no Fairness Doctrine and it probably wouldn't have applied to cable, but still. Dobbs, I think, has singlehandedly put immigration at the top of some voters' lists.

Here's a link to a link about the Dobbs story. After months of listening to him, it's fair to say that I think he's created a movement. Yes, there were certainly many people opposed to illegal immigration, amnesty and a lot of related matters, but when he's on the air, calling Gov. Spitzer an idiot--and that's the word he used--it seems to me he's moved from simple commentary on to promoting a specific agenda.

And I really wish some of these talk shows would stop distorting the facts and persuade us honestly. I don't mean just Dobbs, by any means. But all we're getting now is blather.

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