Friday, December 21, 2007

Bored Copy Editors, Take Note

Weekend/holiday non-work reading and viewing.

Newspaper restoration.

Came across a really terrific blog by history professors Eric Rauchway and Ari Kelman. They've got a good discussion area and some pretty cool videos posted.
Be sure to watch the James K. Polk video. No. Really.
Soviet Christmas cards.
Advent Calendar of Games
Lost cities
Words of the year, from
Chinese Phrases

Blue man (Might be time to change treatments. Also here.
Green gadgets
Annoy the slot by using your A/S/D and F keys. In the old days at The Hartford Courant, there was a guy with a good ear who figured out how to play music with the phones--he went into the switchboard room and rang each extension, with their different tones and rang out an entire version of "Jingle Bells." Long before iTunes, iPods and cellphone tones.

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