Monday, December 17, 2007

Covering the Environment

Some stories about environmental issues:
Covering the Climate from the Business Beat.

By Christine Woodside
Business editors and reporters over the past few years have found themselves covering climate change implications as policy makers and the public move beyond the science of whether and why the Earth is warming to the policy issues: what the impacts will be, how they might be mitigated, and costs and benefits.

Tom Toles, Washington Post editorial cartoonist, likes to tackle global warming issues.
The Huffington Post, among others, climbed all over Chicago Sun-Times business editor Dan Miller after he sent out a package of information from a global-warming denial group asking editors to "keep an open mind" about the topic. Phil Rosenthal of the Chicago Tribune was not amused.
And the SEJ has a forum coming up on Florida and the rising seas. The organization lists some environmental events.

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