Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fired for Language

My, my, they're sensitive down there in New Zealand, aren't they? The obvious question, of course, is whether the editor was correct.

Man who told editor leave 'f..... copy alone' fairly sacked - ERA

A senior sports journalist who told his editor to leave "his f..... copy alone" was dismissed fairly, the Employment Relations Authority has found.

John Coffey, one of New Zealand's most respected rugby league journalists, was sacked from The Press newspaper in Christchurch after yelling at his sports editor, Coen Lammers.

On March 9 this year, Mr Lammers edited a cricket story of Mr Coffey's and added words to it.

The story had said, "New Zealand's youngest in a decade" and was changed to "New Zealand's youngest in half a century".

Mr Coffey was "outraged" at this and said if the story had gone to print it would have made him look "stupid".

Mr Lammers told the authority that Mr Coffey had told him to leave "his f...... copy alone" and that he "always f..... it up".

Mr Lammers said he had been shaken and upset by the outburst.

Mr Coffey had a disciplinary meeting on March 22 and was told later that day that his employment was to be terminated.

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