Thursday, January 10, 2008

'The Politico' and Coverage

Now if they'd just stop referring to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others as "thoroughbreds," I might believe they mean to stop the fact-free punditry (Or, as many seem to be saying, "pundints".)

Why reporters get it wrong
By: John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei
New Hampshire sealed it. The winner was Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the loser — not just of Tuesday's primary but of the 2008 campaign cycle so far — was us.

"Us" is the community of reporters, pundits and prognosticators who so confidently — and so rashly — stake our reputations on the illusion that we understand politics and have special insight that allows us to predict the behavior of voters.

If journalists were candidates, there would be insurmountable pressure for us to leave the race. If the court of public opinion were a real court, the best a defense lawyer could do is plea bargain out of a charge that reporters are frauds in exchange for a signed confession that reporters are fools.

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