Saturday, January 19, 2008

Truncated Quotes

Regardless of where you stand politically, you've probably seen this disturbing trend of truncating quotes this year in political coverage. Once again, it seems to be most obvious on TV.

It's happened with Hillary Clinton talking about civil rights; it happened to Barack Obama on his comments about Ronald Reagan (until I watched the full clip, I had had no idea he'd also mentioned Richard Nixon.) The story presented over and over was his contrast of Reagan and Bill Clinton, which takes on a different tone when presented in partial form. Even with the Nixon element, it's still a pretty stunning thing for Obama to have said. Still, given the volatility of gender, race and just regular politics on this overly long campaign trail, we probably ought to be extra careful.
Here's Bill Moyers talking about LBJ, Dr. King and the civil rights movement from his perspective as an aide in the Johnson White House.

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