Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sometimes the Jokes Write Themselves

Maybe this is nothing out of the ordinary but I was surprised to get this e-mail today. I will refrain from the more predictable gasbag jokes. Well, not entirely.

Some contributors to are invited to join the National Press Club.

Here's what Helium says:

The 100-year-old National Press Club has extended membership invitations to Helium’s five-star writers. Qualify and you can apply to the news club that the nation’s most notable journalists, government officials and top news sources call home.

This partnership recognizes the value of citizen journalism and helps spread awareness of its importance to the new media landscape. This is the first time in the National Press Club’s history that it has reached out to a non-traditional news outlet.

Not a five-star writer yet? Hard work has landed many Helium writers in that category already – you could be one of them! Learn more about Helium’s Star Members.
About the National Press Club

Founded in 1908, the National Press Club has 3,700 members worldwide and is the nation’s most prestigious journalist’s club. The Club regularly hosts world leaders and other newsworthy speakers at its famous podium. NPC programs and other events are broadcast on CSPAN and other media on a regular and ongoing basis. NPC is on the web at

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