Thursday, February 7, 2008

Where to Begin?

Is it me or does this story read as if it were written by a 12-year-old? This is from AP Yahoo.

PORTSMOUTH, Ohio - A teacher's husband came to her Ohio elementary school Thursday and shot her, but no children were injured, police said.

The condition of the woman was not immediately known, and the shooter escaped. Authorities said they were in the process of trying to apprehend the man, but did not elaborate.

The shooting happened at Notre Dame Elementary in Portsmouth, a community in southern Ohio near the Kentucky border.

The school and another Catholic school nearby were locked down, said Deacon Tom Berg, vice chancellor of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus.

"We are mobilizing our crisis team and sending them down," Berg said.

Public schools also were put on lockdown, said Superintendent Jan Broughton, who oversees the community's public schools.

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