Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Celebrate the Day

Oh, you have to work on the holiday? Never fear! You can celebrate National Grammar Day right at your desk. How inconsiderate of those politicians to interrupt the day with their, well, politics.

Here are some links:

Surprise. (Not.) The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar gives out awards:

The Celebrity with the Worst Grammar in the U.S.
This year, the award goes to President George W. Bush, who does not realize the plural of “child” is “children,” not “childrens.”

Mighty Red Pen offers some thoughts.

Doug Fisher is already on the case, as is Andy Bechtel

John McIntyre is explaining where those rules, real and imagined, come from.

Language Log says he doesn't hate us. (I knew that but he has some explaining to do after writing some tough stuff about copy-editing experiences.)

Grammar Girl points out some grammar myths.

Mike Billings laments the need for a set-aside.

A Tribunista dissents

If you just want to dally a bit in some lovely commentary on language, read Language Miniatures.

Or go over to this diagramming site.

And then there's always The Onion's take.

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