Friday, May 16, 2008

Don't Trust the Internet!

OK, not really. But, host of all those web sites you see, recently created scheduled postings so that postings go up at designated times instead of immediately, if that's what the blog owner wants. There's nothing wrong with that at all--it allows people more freedom if they're going to busy when they want the post to go up. But it also allows for a certain amount of deception and since some bloggers specialize in fighting with others, I can see a debate or two growing out of posting times.

Bloggers could always semi-fake the times--you could, say, at 7 a.m., put up a posting and set the time for later in the day but the posting would still go up immediately. If you wanted to do that, you had to hope your readers didn't notice.

And you could always backdate postings, too, to either fill in a gap on your postings or make yourself appear especially prescient about some matter. But the scheduled postings is kind of nice--if you go on a tear with ideas, you can produce them all at once but spread them out over a longer period of time.

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