Monday, May 18, 2009

Get Your Own Words

And 'fess up, New York Times and Maureen Dowd.

Poynter's columnists are strangely silent today on the story of Maureen Dowd's plagiarism of Josh Marshall, right down to the punctuation marks. So for those of you who were watching the NBA playoffs last night instead of reading newspaper/blog controversies, here are some links:

Brad DeLong has a theory.

Gawker explains the issue.

Little Green Footballs has its own complaints.

And Huffington Post messes up:

Maureen Dowd Admits Inadvertently Lifting Line From TPM's Josh Marshall
The headline says it was inadvertent, which is what Dowd says. The columnist gets it right by simply reporting the facts.

Newspapers are under serious attack by bloggers convinced that either we're irrelevant or we're busy stealing their reporting, a word I would normally put into quotes when talking about blogs because so much of that material originates with newspapers. But Marshall is a definite exception, a journalist who turned to the web to continue his fine work. This is not the first time he's caught people borrowing his work but it's not usually so blatant.

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