Thursday, May 28, 2009

So Simple to Avoid

I'll leave it to more qualified people to address the racism inherent in, once again, a white person falsely accusing unknown and nonexistent black people of committing a crime.

I'll stick to the "suspects" issue.

The incident initially began when Upper Southampton Police received a 911 call from Sweeten claiming she and her child were abducted following a minor crash near Street Road and 2nd Street Pike Tuesday afternoon. She reported the alleged accident happened before 2 p.m.

Sweeten reportedly told police she was in her SUV when she was struck by a late 1990s dark-colored Cadillac. Two suspects exited the vehicle and forced her and her daughter into the trunk of the vehicle, she reportedly said.

No. As she was reporting it, the two people who got out of the car aren't suspects: they were two men. (All of this was fake, of course.) On top of that, this report is loaded with cop talk, not something a news organization should be putting up.

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