Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Called Skepticism

I mentioned this previously on Twitter or Facebook or some such place, but Josh Marshall offers a roundup on how quick many media operations were to declare the Mark Sanford story over before the South Carolina governor returned home, was found at the airport by an enterprising reporter from The State, and tearfully confessed his affair.

There were far too many "mystery solved" kinds of headlines, all over the place, by publications and web sites that really should know better. When did we stop challenging political officials and start accepting anything they tell us unless some other third party spoonfeeds us another set of facts?

While we're at it, I could do with a lot less mocking of the guy's personal life. To me, the fact that the chief executive of a state vanished and without any connection to his staff, was the story. Plus the idea that yet another moralizing public figure got caught living a life of hypocrisy. Other than that, I really don't want to read the e-mails or listen to cable talking heads getting their jollies doing so. We're better than this, people.

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