Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And This Trite Usage Is Definitely Not Alone

A small and incomplete collection of the trite "he is not alone" phrase:

"And Calbi is not alone." (Los Angeles Times)

"They Are Not Alone" (Beijing Review)

"Rafsanjani is not alone in believing it is dangerous." (New York Times)

"Yes, Fisher wants Odom back, and he said he's not alone." (Los Angeles Times)

"Rather, of course, is not alone." (Newsbusters)

"If you think the company's decision-making process is capricious and strange, you're not alone." (Philadelphia Inquirer)

"I am certain I am not alone in thinking about these kinds of questions in light of the recent news that the eminent Harvard Black Studies Professor Henry Louis Gates has been arrested..." (DailyKos)

"And I’m not alone." (Niagara Gazette)

"Harris is not alone in the struggle to pay for cancer treatment." (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

"If you don't know what a 'birther' is, you're not alone." (

"Will is not alone in finding herself on the outside of drag racing." (Press Democrat)

"She said she is not alone in her dissatisfaction with the union and is pursuing legal action." (Warwick Beacon)

"Dartmouth is a local leader in its embrace of foreign-trained physicians, but it is not alone in recruiting doctors with international backgrounds." (Concord Monitor)

"Murdoch is frustrated, and she's not alone." (Minnesota Public Radio)

"Crowley is not alone in her frustration." (Detroit News)

"This week, she discovered that she’s not alone." (Waseca County News)

"Wambach's not alone in her comeback" (Democrat and Chronicle)

"Her kids are not alone." (Detroit Free Press)

"According to WKAR's Jeanie Croope, you're not alone" (Lansing
State Journal)

"George Albright, a former state legislator and Marion County's tax collector, said local residents must understand that they are not alone." (Ocala Star Banner)

"Andre’s mom says when they went to the office to complain, they were not alone." (WXYZ-TV)

"She was not alone." (Greeley Tribune)

"And I am not alone in such irrational fears" (Atlantic Online)

"Terps' Frese not alone in dealing with transfers" (Baltimore Sun)

"Guilford County was not alone Tuesday in improving its scores." (Greensboro News Record)

"I am glad to know I am not alone in this shame-slash-slight-embarrassment." (San Francisco Chronicle)

"If you think there are more and more robberies being committed here, you are not alone." (WVLT-TV)

"He's not alone in grappling head-on with Shakespeare works that present inordinate difficulties for directors and are not typically produced.." (Philadelphia Inquirer)

"Poonam is not alone" (Times of India)

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