Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weak, Weak, Weak

Too many journalists are giving away the franchise in the rush to publish anything, regardless of merit.
Case in point:

China Dubious That Yao Ming Could Be Out of the Game

I thought we were about to read a story about China itself challenging reports of Yao Ming's injuries and his future.

Instead, we get quotes from two fans, one of whom initially says: "I thought it was fake when I first heard about it. I can't believe he has such bad luck!" and that's it. By the end of the story, says Yao can make a comeback if he has the right attitude.

The other fan says absolutely nothing about doubting the injury. In fact, he suggests that Yao played too much and that led to his injury.

The rest of the short story is devoted to Yao's popularity, discussion of the injury, etc.

This story is from Time magazine but is so lame that it ought to be taken off the web

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