Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Past as Prologue

The question is whether we are going to continue to mourn the decline of newspapers on the grounds of nostaglia, quality, etc., or move our skills over to a new medium. I'm for the latter.

Copy editors as a group have never been shy about using new technology. What some of us are unhappy about is the replacement of traditional skills by technology itself, an emphasis on tech skills over everything else and a non-news mindset that has taken over, in some cases, at what were formerly news sites.

This article suggests we need to think in a new way, by looking at what has happened in the past. And it's time to fight for what we know is right instead of relinquishing the battle. It's simple, really: How do we preserve and practice good journalism with new tools? If we try to make it any more complicated than that, we lose.

WSJ Sightings: Terry Teachout on the New-Media Crisis of 1949 - WSJ.com

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