Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting Hired at

Shaun Gallagher writes about getting hired as a copy editor at

How I Got a Job at Forbes.Com
Posted by rahel | September 13th
.I had no background in business journalism when I was hired as a copy editor at in 2006 after working for several years as the managing editor of a regional magazine.

In fact, I even failed the one-question business proficiency test I was given during the interview — “What’s the difference between a stock and a

(After the interview, I rushed home to look up the answer. Just in case you ever encounter this question in an interview here’s the gist: Stocks are for ownin’ and bonds are for loanin’.)

So, even though the interview didn’t go as well as I’d hoped … how did I get hired?

I totally aced the very long take-home copy test, and the editors were impressed enough by that, so they decided to give me a shot.

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