Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Name's the Game

The disappearance and murder of Yale student Annie Le was certainly big news here in the New York metropolitan area--she was from Long Island, went to school in Connecticut, etc. All the elements that make a crime seem even more tragic were present--found dead on what would have been her wedding day, leading the list. But I have been struck by the great deal of attention the LA Times web site seems to be paying to this story. In particular, this headline grabbed my attention this morning, because it makes me wonder about the use of names in headlines and whether the choice of how to identify people is so driven by search-engine optimization needs as to invalidate previous rules.

Here's what the LA Times headline says:
Raymond Clark arrested in Annie Le case

Is Raymond Clark a household name? For that matter, is Annie Le? Do we not care anymore about that? Is "lab tech" a better identifier? Any thoughts?

And speaking of SEO issues, Nieman Labs has an interesting look at SEO results.

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