Thursday, October 29, 2009

Copy Editors, Meet Your Future

Oh, swell. Who needs editors? And surely people will want to read the same stories, the same pages, all over the country(ies)?
Muir Named Head of Pagemasters North America

By E&P Staff
NEW YORK Toronto-based Pagemasters North America, a subsidiary of The Canadian Press, has appointed Stewart Muir managing director, marking the start of operational activity for Pagemasters North America after its launch was announced in August.
The company will provide U.S. and Canadian newspapers with a full range of editorial production services, from copy editing and headline writing to page design and layout. Citing "very positive feedback and interest," Pagemasters North America said it expects to have its first production center in full operation early next year.
Pagemasters North America is a collaboration between The Canadian Press and the Pagemasters subsidiary of Australian Associated Press which provides services to newspapers in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom (E&P, March, Sept. 2009).

Pagemasters helps cut clients' production costs by efficiently preparing, editing and designing pages tailored to each newspaper's specifications. A key component of the new venture's business model is having the work done in North America by editors who are familiar with local culture, language and style guidelines.

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