Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The First Annual or Whatever WORDIES

I've been thinking a lot lately about language blogs, which led to a contest idea. If everyone else can do Top Ten lists and invent ridiculous statistics or contests to rank everyone, why not me? So, for the first time, here are my first completely biased and subjective Wordies.

Category: The language blogger who makes me most happy that he doesn't live close enough to pick apart my work:

Fred Vultee, at Heads Up, the Blog

Fev is a master of spotting flaws in logic, poor word choice and just dumb assumptions in daily journalism. If you're not reading him now, you're overlooking a great resource. Highly recommended to professors or editors responsible for training journalists to avoid or spot and fix flaws.

Do you know how long it took me to realize what Fev's name was? That it was an acronym. Stop. Do not tell me it's not an acronym because "Fev" is not a word. Yes it is. As in, I'm going to Fev you if you don't learn how to write logically.

Category: The language blog most likely to remind me of my failure to major in 18th Century English literature and send me running to the dictionary:
John McIntyre's You Don't Say
There's always his recent instant classic, a slight sneer at references to the origins of a certain indelicate word often described as Anglo-Saxon ("...It has not been discovered anywhere in Old English or, for that matter, Middle English. It appears to have emerged in English sometime in the 15th century, adapted from Low German, Flemish, or Dutch.") Why yes, that's just what I was going to say.

Category: The holy cow discovery: a YouTube video of a Barry Manilow song getting diagrammed.

Mighty Red Pen

Need I say more?

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