Saturday, December 12, 2009

Outsourcing Picks Up

Far too often these days, newspapers are being run by people with less than zero interest in story quality. The belief that the quality argument will ultimately triumph needs to be buried, I'm sorry to say, because there are so few newspapers where that remains true.

Newsosaur mentions this:
In an email from New Delhi, Joseph said two large U.S. publishing groups are in “advanced” stages of discussions to move their editing operations to India and that three others are in the “early” stages of such talks. He declined to identify the potential clients or provide further details.
And one of his readers adds:
Mindworks has been doing some (mostly substandard) copy editing of wire stories for the Miami Herald, so McClatchy is probably one of the two large publishing groups with which the company is in "advanced" stages of negotiation.
Meet the competition.

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