Monday, August 16, 2010

Numbers v. Opinions

This is really weak reporting from The New York Times:
But rallies, even daylong ones, are no way to seal the border. The Obama administration insists that its statistics show that significant financing increases in the federal Border Patrol have helped bring down crime at the border and make the smuggling of immigrants and drugs harder than ever.
But the activists who gathered Sunday had a decidedly different take. The border, in their view, is still far too easy to get across and has become so dangerous that some of them brought their sidearms for protection. Organizers urged participants to leave rifles in their cars.
There's been a fair amount of reporting by law-enforcement people, such as the attorney general of Arizona, the FBI and others, saying crime is down. Some numbers might be open to interpretation but generally they're pretty factual. To write this off as simply a debate between the Obama administration and people standing alongside a fence, is very poor, not what I expect from the Times.

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