Saturday, August 28, 2010

The OMG Factor

I thought the Huffington Post's headlines had gotten just a touch better recently, a little better focused, somewhat more accurate. But the OMG approach still does it in at times. On a video clip of a seriously botched football game--high school, mind you, headlined:

Worst High School Football Play Ever (VIDEO)

there was this response, among many others:

Dear HuffPost,

You have the worst headlines EVER. Now, see how frustrating that is?
Isn't it annoying when someone comes along and pretends to be the
end-all-be-all authority on everything BEST and WORST? Wouldn't it make
more sense to just say something like, "Funny High School Video Fail
Discovered By Our Crackerjack Sports Gurus" ... or something to that
affect? Better yet, how about you hire some legitimate sports
journalists and stop wasting our time posting fluff pieces to this sight
that seem more tailor made for an audience of six year-olds.
What many sloppy operations don't realize is that this sloppy work is like crying wolf; after a while, no one, not even the most casual reader, believes anything you post.

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