Monday, February 27, 2006

Sank You Very Much

Somewhere along the line, a whole lot of reporters, with the acquiescence of copy editors, have decided that "sunk" is the correct past form of "sink." I must have missed the memo.

The Aberdeen Evening Press, Feb.22:

With only minutes to spare before the ship sunk Bill leapt into the churning waves and was picked up by a lifeboat, while Eddie scrambled on to another lifeboat.

The Sunday Mirror Feb.19:
THE FOG (15, 100 mins) Selma Blair stars in this new version of John Carpenter's film about a quiet seaside town engulfed by a thick fog exactly a century after a boat sunk just off the coast.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Feb.18

SHANGHAI, China - A Panamanian freighter and a Chinese fishing boat sunk within hours of each other in rough seas off eastern China, leaving 61 sailors missing, emergency services and official media reported yesterday.

The Mercury, Feb.18
IT wasn't just Barry Patterson's boat that sunk when vandals struck in the waters of New Town Bay yesterday.

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