Wednesday, November 29, 2006

No to Outsourcing

From the Madison, Wisc., Capital Times:
Media musings: Bad idea to outsource copy editors

By Jane Burns
And here I thought that outsourcing the Etch A Sketch was as low as the American business climate could sink.

Boy, was I wrong.
In the ultimate seemingly xenophobic statement, you need to be around here to know this stuff. Really, could someone from India, or Indiana, for that matter, understand this sentence:

After we came back from the fish fry, we went by Uncle Fritz's and played sheepshead, downed some Spotted Cow, munched on some curds and talked about if Brett's going to retire after this season or not. That was a good time, yah hey?

While every community has its quirks, every newspaper has its quirky people. Many of them are on the copy desk. We're the ones who scream "pleaded!!!" at the TV when a newscaster talks about how someone has "pled" guilty to a crime. We're the ones who would have boycotted the O.J. special not because it was an affront to taste and humanity, but because the title, "If I Did It, Here's How It Happened," was grammatically incorrect. We're the ones who know that Dr paired with Pepper has no period and that Bobby Knight was the coach at Indiana University, not the University of Indiana.

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