Tuesday, November 27, 2007

UPDATE Black Friday and Reality

Updated and moved up.

A Wall Street Journal blog takes a quick look at Black Friday myths and realities.

Of course, Black Friday has become such an event for some people that they'll do anything to get what they want

or simply use the occasion to make a statement.

Cyber Monday Follies:

Fox dispatched a reporter to an ESPN Zone in Washington, DC, where they were lucky to find "online shopper" Peter Perweiler, who did indeed have big online shopping plans. "I'm looking at some big-ticket items this year," he said, "so I really want to know what other people - problems they're having with items, things of that nature."

Good to know. What would also have been good to know: Peter is also the marketing manager at the National Retail Federation.

And how did this happen? An explanation.

Good reporting by the AlleyInsider.

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