Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Odds and Ends

If you haven't read Bill Walsh's reminder about sloppy language on congressional overrides, please do. One of many careless things creeping into print or online news sites. Ditto the explanation and references to filibusters.
A statistics counter on this site tells me a little about how visitors got here or what they do when they arrive (no, I can't see who's doing it).

This morning, I ran through search terms that brought people to the site and besides the obvious--copy editing, words, variations on my name, language, etc.--there were some pretty bizarre searches.

Why "sausagegate picture" brought people here is beyond me. So are "1985 tunagate cartoons," yet another "i'm in ur newspaper writing mah column," "mrsa rhymes," or "postage rates from alaska to iraq for a 1 pound envelope."

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