Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Writing for the Web

Media Bistro is offering this course:
Writing and Editing for the Web
Learn how to write knockout copy that keeps 'em coming back
Writing and Editing for the Web

WHEN 4 weeks, January 8 - February 5
Chats: Tuesdays, 9-10 pm EST

WHERE Online.


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It took a decade and a financial flop, but finally the Web is starting to sound like the fiber optic wonderland we first heard about in the Clinton administration. Bloggers get book deals or fulltime gigs. Magazines and newspapers that used to merely replicate their print product on the Web are now rushing to develop original content and hiring exclusive online staffs. You don't just read online anymore, either -- now you watch, listen, and comment. And the best news of all? Online advertising budgets are bigger than ever and growing every year.

Websites need content. What used to be the domain of techies and specialists is now the lucrative marketplace of competent writers and editors. Web writers and editors must not only know what makes a good story, but how to package it, how to position it, and how to make the most of available technology.

In this class, you can expect to learn:

* Why writing for the Web is different from print, and how to make the most of the medium and avoid common mistakes
* How to go beyond Google and find reliable, accurate information online
* Using bulletin boards and online communities to find "real people" for your stories
* The pros and cons of blogging, and whether you should bother
* Selling yourself and your work on the Web

Admission requirements:
Please submit a letter of interest (including a brief work history).

The online classroom has several interactive components:

* Instructors post lectures once a week. You can read them online, print them, or download them at your convenience.
* Students post completed assignments for feedback and discussion by the instructor and class.
* Weekly chats allow your class to get together via instant message. Transcripts are available for review if you can't attend.
* Technical support is available from mediabistro staff.

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