Sunday, November 4, 2007

Following the Paper Trail

Here’s another group opposed to the idea of eliminating, reducing the role of or otherwise disparaging copy editors.

Media Employers Who Downgrade Editing Will Destroy Fabric of Ethical Journalism Warns IFJ
Publishers who think unedited journalism will help them out of the crisis overwhelming the newspaper industry in parts of the industrialised world are in danger of destroying the scope for ethical journalism, warns the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today on the eve of widespread protests across Europe over falling social and professional standards in media.
Voices have been raised against this idea, of course, among them:

Doug Fisher

John McIntyre

Forrest Brown

And, of course, ACES.

It strikes me that we in the newsrooms who have been raising this issue may well lose because it is obvious that the people proposing these ideas are driven by fear, which trumps everything else. We’ve succeeded primarily in laying out a paper trail as a bit of history and for the future.

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