Saturday, March 15, 2008

Who's This Guy? UPDATE

Okay, you Baby Boomers, and maybe some others. Can you identify this guy? He's not a musician or athlete but a major newsmaker back in the day. And Sunday is the anniversary of the deed for which he is most infamous. Now do you know? Go here if you want to know.

OK, overwhelmed by thousands of guesses (!), I've been too busy to identify him. But now, here it is: William Calley.

UPDATE: So I was showing this picture around to people yesterday at the office and it was clear that that was an awareness of Calley's name based nearly entirely on age. My showing it around led almost immediately to a 30-second fight with a great colleague about Vietnam and the level of responsibility soldiers have on the battlefield. After the quick debate, we agreed on a couple of points about sending young soldiers into battle but wow, it reminded me how old wounds may never heal.

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