Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yay, Hank!!!!!

I am so sorry to have missed this. Next year in Philadelphia Minneapolis!! THEN Philadelphia.

First Glamann Award to Dow Jones Fund
Keynote speaker Ed Trayes accepts award named after ACES co-founder

By Neil Holdway, ACES treasurer | Posted: 10:47 PM 4/11
A new award honoring ACES co-founder Hank Glamann was given to the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund for its 50 years of supporting journalism and editing.

The ACES board decided months ago to create a new award recognizing people or organizations who have contributed so much to ACES and copy editing, and it decided to name it after Hank Glamann, an ACES co-founder and former longtime board member. And the board kept it secret from Hank until Friday night, when the first Glamann Award was given to the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund in its 50th-anniversary year.

The presentation of the award followed the Friday-night keynote speech by Edward Trayes, co-founder and director of the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund Editing and Minority Intern Program (hmmm, didn’t we arrange that *conveniently*). Trayes had just spoken on the power of copy editors and their enduring presence, and future, no matter how the industry changes. He later accepted the award on behalf of the fund.

And congrats, too, to Adam Smith for this award.

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