Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ACES Fights the Good Fight

I'd been hoping to sneak off to the ACES conference this week, but alas, family schedule complications got in the way, again. Not that I regret the family stuff, at all, but I really do miss ACES.

But the organization is valiantly carrying on, even as some other organizations have had to cancel their annual meetings, and ACES' leadership deserves a lot of credit for doing so. As newspaper jobs and spare money disappear, there are dwindling opportunities for professional training, so good for ACES.

Among the registrants is student Emily Ingram, who will be working as a copy-editing intern at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution this summer, and who will be blogging for the ACES website. Emily seems to have a multimedia approach and I'm looking forward to reading what she and others have to say about the conference, and to working with Emily in other capacities in the future.

Good luck to all--Chris, Deirdre, Daniel, Anne, Bill, Neil, et al.

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