Thursday, April 15, 2010

Congrats to ACES Scholarship Winners

Well, once again, I've had to miss the ACES conference, and once again, miss it deeply and regret that my need to piece together a living at the moment is interfering with attending the conference.  I was hoping to catch up with several of the scholarship winners, especially Emily Ingram from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, who I know over the phone from the  ABC's On Campus program.

When the scholarship selection team submitted its recommendations to the Education Committee for final approval, it was amusing to discover that most of the winners was known to at least one of us, and we would weigh in with a comment to the effect that, yes, hooray, they all look great, but so-and-so is especially deserving. In my case, that is Emily, though to repeat, they ALL look terrific

As a print major and a copy editor, she runs the UNL On Campus bureau of broadcast students, a really remarkable arrangement that attests to her leadership and her skills across several platforms. It says a lot about her future in the journalism world, whatever it becomes in the near and distant future.

So congrats to all. Should I be fully employed next year, I will turn up at ACES, I swear.

And, not incidentally, that ACES is able to attract more than 300 participants in such doom and gloom time is nothing short of miraculous.

Congratulations to Chris and the ACES team, again.

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